Puressentiel Respiratory Throat Syrup (1...

This 100% natural formula throat syrup provides a soothing feeling to irritated, inflamated or sore throat. Learn More

Carnation APR Insoles

APR System products use technologically advanced materials (PORON) extensively tested and used in professional chiropody. Learn More

Carnation Super Deodorising Insoles

A highly effective activated charcoal layer absorbs foot odor. Learn More

Carnation Cushion Insoles

Designed to Relieve “foot fatigue” with cushioning foam for all day comfort. Learn More

Carnation Cracked Heel Cream (50ML)

Revives rough, dry & cracked heels. Learn More

TCM Tuina Body Massage with Infra Ray Sa...

Regular Price: $212

Special Price $80

TCM Tuina Body Massage (60mins) with Infra Ray Sauna Therapy for 2 pax Learn More

Carnation Exfollating Foot Scrub (100ML)

Formulated to leave your feet smooth and reinvigorated. Learn More

Carnation Moisturising Foot Cream (100ML

Formulated to nourish and relieve dry or rough feet. Learn More

Carnation Corn Caps

Loosens the intracellular cement holding hardened skin together allowing it to flake away, soften and loosening the nucleus to allow clean removal. Learn More