Carnation Cushion Insoles

Designed to Relieve “foot fatigue” with cushioning foam for all day comfort. Learn More

Carnation Cracked Heel Cream (50ML)

Revives rough, dry & cracked heels. Learn More

Carnation Gel Toe Support

Relieves pressure on toes that are curled or clawed (hammer toes) by raising and helps to realign them.Helps to reduce pressure on both the top and end of toes, preventing rubbing and the formation Learn More

Carnation Gel Toe Spreader

Soft, flexible gel fits comfortably between the big toe and second toe to reduce rubbing and pressure. Learn More

Carnation Gel Toe Separator

Designed to help overlapping toes.Provides long lasting pressure relief between the toes, protecting sore toes from rubbing.Made from advanced polymer gel.The soft flexible gel conforms between the Learn More

Carnation Invisible Gel Strap Strips

Available in packs of 4 gel strips. Learn More

Carnation Ingrowing Toenail Protector

Provides instant relief which can be worn to offset pressure from it. One size fits all with cushions and protects.      Learn More

Puressentiel Circulation Bath Shower Wit...

To Help : Refresh, Relax, Energise. Learn More

Puressentiel Muscles & Joints Bath S...

14 essential oilsHelps release the tensions of joints and muscles, relieve the feeling of pain and stiffness Learn More

Puressentiel Rest & Relax Bath Showe...

12 essential oils Helps to provide relaxation, prepare for sleep. Learn More