Carnation Gel Toe Support

Relieves pressure on toes that are curled or clawed (hammer toes) by raising and helps to realign them.Helps to reduce pressure on both the top and end of toes, preventing rubbing and the formation Learn More

Puressentiel Respiratory Balm (50ml) - B...

Use Puressentiel Respiratory Balm with 19 Essential Oils upon the first signs of cold: first shivers, cold, nasal flow, irritation of throat, whimperings, sneezes, headaches, etc. Learn More

Puressentiel Respiratory Air Spray (20ml...

19 essential oils Helps to soothe the airways and relieve colds/coughs. Learn More

Puressentiel S.O.S. Head Roller with 9 e...

Contains essential oils with destressing, alleviating, calming, relaxing properties. Learn More

Puressentiel Rest & Relax Air Spray ...

12 essential oils Used in Aromatherapy for calmative, help to have peaceful nights. Learn More

Puressentiel S.O.S. Stress Roller with 1...

Puressentiel Stress Roller is soothing, relaxing and de-stressing. It helps release tension, soothe feelings of oppression, nervousness or moral lassitude. Learn More

Puressentiel Gel Body Joints with 14 Ess...

Quickly relieves joints pain, relaxes and relieves muscle spasms. Learn More

Puressentiel Muscles & Joints Roller...

14 essential oils Aromatherapy based productThe Muscles & Joints roller is recommended for athletes (before and after exercise) and for those suffering from acute or chronic muscle and joint Learn More

Puressentiel S.O.S Travel Roll-On (5ml) ...

7 essential oils Prevent and fight travel discomforts and inconveniences Learn More