SYNTRAX Superchain 180caps

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Syntrax Superchain is a potent muscle-building supplement containing a highly effective amino acid that supports healing and muscle growth.


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Working on your fitness level can be difficult without the right supplements. You need supplements that support your body and help you build fat-burning muscles. If you have recently sustained a traumatic injury or endured surgery, your body needs extra help to knit the muscles back together and heal quickly. In either one of these areas, Syntrax Superchain can help.

How Syntrax Superchain Works

Syntrax Superchain is ideal for people who need to stimulate muscle growth, promote healing, and speed up recovery after injury or surgery. Superchain contains leucic acid, a branched-chain amino acid, or BCAA. This type of amino acid limits the breakdown of muscles and stimulates muscles growth. However, a typically BCAA product is only effective in large doses. With Syntrax Superchain, the daily dose is about one quarter of what other products require. Just a few grams can make a real difference in your health and strength.

The Superchain Difference

What makes Syntrax Superchain different from other BCAA products? In some of these other BCAA products, leucine takes the place of pure leucic acid. Leucine metabolises into metabolites, which are not very effective in promoting healing and muscle growth. Since Syntrax Superchain harnesses the power of pure, natural leucic acid, it is far more effective.

Normally, you would need to take four tablets or capsules of those other BCAAs. With Syntrax Superchain, you can simply pop two capsules and receive the full health benefits. Syntrax Superchain is the most potent BCAA-type product on the market.

The Safety of Syntrax Superchain

Is it safe to use such a powerful product? The answer is yes, absolutely. Independent studies show that Syntrax Superchain technology is a safe way to harness the potential of leucic acid. The product safely and healthfully builds muscle mass and supports muscle healing.

Ordering Syntrax Superchain Online

Whether you're a bodybuilder or a patient recovering from surgery, Syntrax Superchain can improve your health. Superchain is available by the bottle, with each bottle containing 180 capsules. Order this supplement online in Singapore through and start enjoying the benefits today! Once you begin using Syntrax Superchain for health and wellness, you may want to try other products, like our premium fitness gear and fitness accessories. Don't wait— start your wellness makeover right now!

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