SYNTRAX Micellar Crème 2lb

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Syntrax Micellar Crème is a casein-based protein supplement that helps the body build up muscle and promotes healing. 


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Are you exercising frequently and trying to build up additional muscle? Perhaps you recently had surgery and your body needs extra nutritional support to promote healing. Elderly patients, fitness enthusiasts, and weight-loss program participants can all benefit from extra protein in their diet; and that's exactly what Syntrax Micellar Crème provides.

Fast Facts About Micellar Crème

Micellar Crème has one primary ingredient— casein. Casein is a protein found in milk— in fact, it makes up about 80% of the protein in a glass of milk. So Micellar Crème is basically casein powder in its pure, natural form. In milk, the casein proteins form tiny collectives called micelles, which are evenly spread throughout the milk. We take those micelles and reduce them to powder form, without altering them with chemicals or heat.

The Difference with Syntrax Micellar Crème

Casein powder is found in many supplement and health foods, but it's usually in its non-native or denatured form. This kind of chemically altered casein has been through heavy processing and typically has experienced chemical reactions that reduce its benefits. Instead of the non-native caseinates, we use the native, natural form of casein, which is micellar casein. In its native form, casein retains its superior nutritional value.

How Casein Benefits the Body

Casein functions like whey protein, providing foundational nutrients for the human body. When consumed, casein works slowly, dispersing into the body over time and being gradually absorbed. It's the perfect protein to consume right before bed, so that your body can work on processing it throughout the night. Since it is such a rich, slow-absorbing protein, the Micellar Crème casein makes you feel comfortably full and satisfied so that you don't sneak into the kitchen for high-calorie late-night snacks.

The Taste Test

Many casein-containing products use inferior, non-native caseinates or poorly processed casein, and as a result, they end up with texture problems. These products often taste chalky or grainy, and they may be uncomfortably thick or viscous. Fortunately, Micellar Crème is a delicious alternative.

Have you had unfortunate experiences with bad-tasting supplements? You'll be pleased with the texture and taste of Syntrax Micellar Crème. Once you mix up the desired amount with a spoon, you'll find that the mouthfeel of the supplement is smooth and creamy. In fact, the beverage tastes much like an actual milkshake. A supplement that tastes like a dessert, but helps the body instead of adding fat? Yes please!

Ordering Syntrax Micellar Creme

You can order health supplements in Singapore, such as Syntrax Micellar Crème, by visiting Here you'll final total solutions for health and wellness, from supplements to fitness equipment. Check out the available products today to begin your wellness journey. 

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