MUSCLETECH Phase8 Multi Phase 8 Hour Protein Van/4.5 Lb - 4/CS

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MuscleTech Phase 8 releases beneficial amino acids into the body for up to 8 hours, increasing the muscles' size and strength. 


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Are you interested in a muscle-building protein powder that really works? If you're serious about body-building or swapping your fat for muscle, consider the benefits of a product like Phase 8 Multi-Phase 8-hour Protein, a protein powder created by MuscleTech. This powerful health supplement in Singapore offers real increases in muscle size and strength, when combined with the correct diet and workout regimen.

Long-Term Benefits

Why is this product called Phase 8 Multi-Phase 8-hour Protein? Because it continues slowly releasing beneficial amino acids into your bloodstream, up to 8 hours after you take it. The sustained release of the amino acids creates a prime muscle-building scenario for a longer time, giving MuscleTech's Phase 8 product the edge over rival brands.

Healthful Ingredients

The amino acids in the Phase 8 protein include milk protein isolate, whey protein isolate, calcium caseinate and micellar casein, which is the best and most effective form of casein. The natural and artificial flavourings depend on the variety you select, such as vanilla or chocolate. You'll also find ingredients like calcium carbonate, silicon dioxide, guar gum, salt, and soy or sunflower lecithin listed on the ingredients label.

The Difference

What makes MuscleTech Phase 8 Multi-Phase 8-hour Protein better than the competing products? Instead of using low-value brown rice protein or egg protein along with the milk proteins, Muscle Tech focuses on top quality. Their Phase 8 blend uses only high-quality proteins derived from milk. Whereas other companies load their powders with carbs, Phase 8 has just 8g of carbs per serving, and only 1.5 g of fats.

Regular Use

One scoop of the protein powder is a single serving. Mix it with 8 ounces of skim milk or cold water to create a delicious drink. If you want a real power boost for your muscles, double the serving size and do two scoops with 16 ounces of water or milk. Drink the mixture after exercising or between meals.

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You can get MuscleTech Phase 8 protein supplement online in Singapore. Just order here at, and you'll receive the 2 kg container of this helpful supplement, in a delicious vanilla flavour. Other flavours are also available. 

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