MHP No-Bomb (96 tabs)

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MHP No-Bomb is a comprehensive supplement in Singapore that helps you pump more iron at the gym by boosting nitric oxide levels.


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If you're putting your body through rigorous workouts every week, you need to support your muscle groups with some targeted supplements. MHP No-Bomb is a comprehensive supplement in Singapore that helps you pump more iron at the gym by boosting nitric oxide levels. Find out how this unique supplement works and how it can help you reach your fitness or body-building goals.

What's in MHP No-Bomb?

MHP No-Bomb contains a patented pharmaceutical compound known as GlycoCarn, or GPLC. GlycoCarn works even better than AAKG and arginine, two common choices for athletes or bodybuilders who want to improve nitric oxide levels and get greater pumps. GlycoCarn enables muscle growth and heightens nitric oxide levels, giving you more power when you're weight-lifting. Also included in the formula are some special PDE-5 inhibitors and nitric oxide sustaining agents that keep your energy going for hours.

What are the Benefits of MHP No-Bomb?

When you're lifting weights, your muscles are being worked out in an extreme way. You want to stretch the muscle fibers and grow your muscles without tearing or harming them. The components in the MHP No-Bomb supplement increase blood flow to your muscles, giving them the oxygen they need to function without harm. The more nitric oxide is present, the better your muscles will be able to sustain the stress. MHP No-Bomb also helps to fight the buildup of lactic acid in the muscles, which can hamper your bodybuilding efforts. Fortunately, MHP No-Bomb also includes antioxidant properties to help with recovery after a hard workout.

Ordering MHP No-Bomb

Are you ready to attack that fat and increase the strength and size of your muscles? Order supplements online in Singapore from You'll have access to the MHP No-Bomb formula, as well as dozens of other supplements and fitness equipment that can improve your health and wellness. Keep re-ordering as long as you continue your workout regimen and your muscle-building.

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The faster worked muscles are once again ready to train to their capacity (muscle recovery), the faster the entire body experiences an adaptation to its increased capacity for work. GlycoCarn aids in muscle recovery through its antioxidant properties.* GPLC may affect the removal of metabolic waste produced in the ATP energy cycle (namely lactic acid and carbon dioxide) through this increase of NO in the bloodstream.*

In addition to post-workout recovery, optimized recovery during workout increases endurance and stamina. The antioxidant properties of GlycoCarn facilitate the body in ridding itself of metabolic waste that builds up during exercise, allowing the body to optimize its threshold to fatigue time.*

Short-term supplementation of GPLC promotes anaerobic power during repeated cycle sprints in resistance trained men.* The increase in peak power output was accompanied by a significantly lower accumulation of lactate. Free carnitine in the body that's available as a result of GPLC supplementation reduces serum carnitine deficiencies during intense exercise, which facilitates the production of short chain acylcarnitines as a buffering process that reduces lactate accumulation.*

GlycoCarn is a weight support supplement that not only supports fat metabolism, but also supports increased energy levels.* Many weight loss products on the market rely solely on artificial stimulants and diuretics to induce weight loss or the appearance of weight loss. However, GPLC supports a healthy metabolism support, as well as positive support in energy levels - two essentials in both dropping weight and fueling you through your workouts!*

GlycoCarn supports the mobilization of fatty acids (stored energy) into working tissue for cellular metabolism, which creates energy in the ATP or Kreb's Cycle via the beta oxidation process.*

GlycoCarn supports the ability to mobilize fatty acids and utilize them for energy. GPLC also promotes active performance at a cellular level, optimizing blood flow and increasing nitric oxide (NO) retention. This supports ATP energy and aids in recovery both during and after activity.*

GPLC promotes NO levels in the human bloodstream.* This optimizes the delivery of oxygen and nutrients to working muscles through vasodilation and optimal blood flow, facilitates the body in production of ATP energy.* GlycoCarn fuels your performance, in training and in competition, giving your body the physical ENDURANCE and STAMINA to match your drive.*


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