MHP Cyclin-GF (120 capsules)

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MHP Cyclin-GF settles you into REM sleep so that your hormones can take action and your muscles can recover and grow while you're at rest.


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Did you know that your muscles can actually grow while you're asleep? That's what can happen when you use MHP Cyclin-GF. Combine this supplement with a solid workout schedule, and you'll see the bodybuilding results you want. MHP Cyclin-GF settles you into deep, anabolic REM sleep so that your hormones can take action and your muscles can recover and grow, even while you're at rest.

What Is Cyclin-GF?

Cyclin-GF is an anabolic activator, developed by MHP researchers who understand the way that the body regenerates and grows while at rest. The research team discovered that growth of muscle fibers isn't dependent on just one element; instead, it relies on a combination of events and elements. The anabolic activator Cyclin-GF triggers this "cascade" effect during the night.

How Does It Work?

While you're asleep, Cyclin-GF stimulates production of hormones, specifically testosterone. The supplement also supports your cortisol levels and activates muscle precursor cells. The muscle precursor cells start to grow and divide, becoming muscle fibers. Cyclin-GF also supplies nutrients to support the newly grown muscle cells and creates an anabolic environment that is just right for their growth and development.

Benefits of Cyclin-GF

When you're taking Cyclin-GF in addition to your other protein supplements, you can support your bodybuilding efforts even while you're asleep. Creating an environment that encourages muscle growth is vital, and the best time to do that is during the night, when your body is in restorative mode.

How to Use Cyclin-GF

Before you go to bed, take four capsules of Cyclin-GF with a glass of water. Make sure that you keep your canister of capsules away from heat, light, and moisture, and store it between 15 and 30 degrees Celsius.

Ordering MHP Cyclin-GF

If you want to keep the muscle growth cycle going even while you're asleep, invest in MHP Cyclin-GF. To achieve your health and wellness objectives, order this supplement online in Singapore and keep it on hand while you're pursuing your strength training and bodybuilding workouts. With a whole foods diet, ample hydration, and the right kind of fitness equipment, you'll definitely see an improvement in your muscle size and strength. 

Additional Information



What does it do?
Cyclin-GF will activate the millions upon millions of MPCs (Muscle Precursor Cells) and allow muscle growth that was never possible before. This will promote keeping your body in a higher anabolic state for a longer period of time while you are sleeping.*

How does it work?
The following ingredients promote these fibers to activate while your body is at rest.* This is when your body recovers and grows the most.

1. Full Phase Muscle Precursor Cell Growth Factors (1135.5mg) ZMA Alpha-GPC (L-Alpha-Glycerylphosphorylcholine Hydrate) Tongkat Ali 50:1 Extract (Eurycoma Longifolia Jack) 5-HTP (Griffonia Simplicifolia Seed Extract) N-(2-5-Methoxyindol-3-Y)ethyl)acetamide Valeriana Officinalis Root Extract
2. Cell Cycle Arrest Inhibitors: 3’,4’,5’,6-Tetrahydroxyflavan-3-Ol Phosphatidyl Serine Humulus Lupulus
3. DNA Checkpoint Clearance Factors Deoxyribonucleic Acid Ribonucleic Acid Uncaria Tomentosa

Who should take it?
Anyone looking to increase their anabolic state by allowing muscle fibers to grow that were never activated before. This helps promote more muscle growth as you sleep.*

How should I take it?
Take 4 capsules with water before bed.

Did you know?
Aside from triggering dormant muscle fibers, athletes promote deep REM sleep as well.*

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