Sale Cotton Labo Carbonated Bubble Mask (2 x 3pcs pack)

Cotton Labo Carbonated Bubble Mask (2 x 3pcs pack)

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Minimize pores Increase metabolism Increase skin’s elasticity and Increase blood circulation.

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Cotton Labo Carbonated Bubble Mask Pack 

This is not a regular face mask. It's Carbonated Bubble Mask!
Just add water and apply onto face. 
1 pack - 3 pieces
Contains tiny carbonic acid molecules which enter skin easily to remove wastes and provide nourishment! Repair skin cells and improve skin’s elasticity! 
It also has revitalizing, soothing, moisturizing and whitening effect on skin!
Principle of Carbonate Mask:
1, carbonic acid are very small molecules, can simply enter the skin through the capillaries, cosmetic ingredients mask on at this time as these carbonate molecules will penetrate the skin together.
2, Beauty molecules are absorbed by the skin surface, but not the muscle to reach the bottom, then begin carbonate molecules through the skin into the capillaries.
3, because infiltrated carbonate molecules, making capillary hypoxia, in order to make up the oxygen, capillary dilation by itself to get more oxygen molecules.
4, because the expansion of capillaries, so that the blood circulation of the excess material is discharged, effective absorption of cosmetic ingredients, to achieve real skin effect.
How to use:
1. Remove makeup and wash your face. Do not leave makeup and skincare on your skin. 
2. Take out the mask and soak it into cold or warm water. (The powdery substance is part of the mask)
3. Wait until you hear bubble sound, then it can be applied on your face. 
4. Remove the mask after 5 minutes. 
5. Wash your face with clear water and continue your skincare routine.


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