Which Fitness Watch is Best for You? Profiling Three Brands of Watches

BusyBody.deals is profiling three quality fitness watches from three different watch manufacturers, find out which one is the best in meeting your fitness needs!

Which Fitness Watch is Best for You? Profiling Three Brands of Watches

Busybody.deals has an impressive selection of watches designed to support all fitness activities as well as track the progress of your health and wellness. By curating the best fitness equipment in Singapore, health supplements and watches to support each activity, we give our customers the best selection of deals on watches for their fitness goals.

We are choosing to profile three watches from three different watch manufacturers that Busybody.deals is now featuring as some of our best deals that can be found online in Singapore:

Experience the Benefits of Fitbit

By now, you have certainly heard a lot about how Fitbit is an important accessory and companion to any person’s fitness goals. The Fitbit Surge is your ultimate fitness watch with so many features that you’ll hardly believe they’re all available right on your wrist! It tracks your fitness activity all day, including calories burned, steps taken, how many minutes you have been active as well as how many minutes you have been stationary and many more features so that you can adjust your daily routine to include opportunities to get more fit. You can easily sync your stats to your smartphone or computer for easy monitoring of your health and wellness progress.

Fitbit Surge

Run with Garmin

Garmin is well known for its innovation in GPS technology and is available in the convenience of a wristwatch to allow you to track your own time, distance, pace and heart rate to incredible accuracy. The Garmin Forerunner 620 is one of our top choices for those who are looking for the ultimate running watch that allows you to track almost every function related to long-distance running, including your heart pace and recovery time. You can use your watch to share your progress via social media, and your Garmin product will always be up to date with automatic uploads to Garmin Connect. 

Garmin Forerunner 620

Get the Cadillac of Watches

For those who are interested in investing in the best products and gear for their adventures, they may be interested to check out the Suunto T6C Red Arrow Comp Sports Watch, which is probably the highest class watch you can find on Busybody.deals to support the journeys of the most adventurous. Described as the watch that is equipped with everything a sport-junkie needs, those who purchase this product will experience the benefits of advanced technology to track, measure, analyse and personalise your sport performance. With free shipping, you can make this high-end product available to you right at your doorstep.

Suunto T6C Red Arrow Comp Sports Watch

We encourage anyone who has not yet experienced the benefits of an advanced fitness watch to explore what Busybody.deals has to offer in terms of our watch selections. We are proud of the collection we have bene able to curate to meet the needs of all sports-junkies and adventurers.


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