Wash Your Way into Healthier Hair with Busybody.deals and Phyto

Busybody.deals gives customers access to the most advanced systems of hair care.

Wash Your Way into Healthier Hair with Busybody.deals and Phyto

At Busybody.deals, we recognize that your hair is one of the indicators for your internal health and wellness, and this is why we always advocate for our customers to choose the best hair care products Singapore has to offer to support ultimate hair health.

We have partnered with Phyto, one of the most advanced professionals in hair care, to provide Singaporeans access to the most high-quality hair products available in the world.

Taking Science of Hair Care to Different Levels

Phyto is all about science and taking the scientific approach to hair care. In its laboratories, it is endlessly looking to find the best plant extracts to fit the needs of all different types of hair. Phyto provides hair solutions for all different types of hair and what the needs of the individual are. Phyto is synonymous with Innovation and has become a respected innovator in the field of hair care.

Phyto is also taking the science of hair care to new levels through their innovative research into genetic hair loss by using stem cell research with some of the world’s leading medical research facilities, including the National Center for scientific Research and the National Institute for Health and Medical Research.

As you can see, Phyto isn’t just about providing its users with clean and conditioned hair: it’s all about health, science and innovation in hair care.

Repair Your Hair with Phyto

The advanced science behind Phyto provides customers with real, scientific solutions for some of their identified hair problems. Phyto’s Phytokératine Shampoo is a deep-repairing shampoo featuring Phyto's proprietary botanical keratin complex, to weightlessly revive over-processed, weakened and damaged hair. By adding moisture to the hair, it helps the hair by attracting 100 times its weight in water to allow for water retention. Phyto’s Phytokératine Shampoo aims to help you get hair repair from the inside out. Busybody.deals is offering this shampoo at a special price when you bundle it with 2 other bottles.

Add Volume and Body

Chitin combined with guajana extract work magic together to create noticeable volume with the Phyto Phytovolume Volumizing Shampoo. These combinations of plant extracts helps bring volume to your hair that you didn’t know were possible. A bonus about this shampoo is that it provides endless volume without the weight. Busybody.deals is also offering this as a special offer to bundle 3 bottles of this innovative and ground breaking shampoo for major savings.

Clean Oiliness Up

For those whose hair and scalps are prone to oiliness, they may find that the Phyto Phytopanama + Intelligent Shampoo is a great solution to get the oil out of hair, and provides a refreshing feel for the scalp. It combines the power of quillaja bark and juniper berry essential oil to provide the scalp and the hair with a real focused treatment to relieve and reduce oil specifically.

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