Sporting Goods Feature: TBX3 Bikes for the Whole Family has partnered with one of the world’s best bicycle manufacturers TBX3, to allow Singaporeans to fit the needs and interests of the whole family.

Sporting Goods Feature: TBX3 Bikes for the Whole Family is dedicated to bringing our customers some of the best deals on fitness equipment in Singapore to fit every lifestyle and fitness goal, including bicycles for the whole family. We have worked hard over the last several months to create partnerships with some of the world’s best bicycle manufacturers, including TBX3, to bring Singaporeans sporting good deals to fit the needs and interest of the whole family.

As we know, cycling is one of the most effective ways to get exercise, providing an excellent cardio workout with enough rigour to give the whole body a chance to work hard. In addition, using bicycles as a form of transportation provides many personal benefits while reducing one’s carbon footprint.

Singaporeans use bicycles for sport, transportation and leisure, and therefore, we are excited to offer some of the following bicycle options by TBX3 for the whole family:

Combine Function with Style

The TBX3 KASH Mountain Bike 26” is simply adorable for anyone in the family who likes to combine the functionality of a mountain bike with style. Its sleek aluminum frame is white and pink, and it is equipped with 8 gears with 3 speeds to allow for biking for leisure, transportation or sport. Enjoy the privilege of having this beautiful bike shipped right to your home for that special woman or man in your family who appreciates a good bike with a sleek look and feel.

Take on All Terrains

For those who prefer a more rugged bicycle with darker and more sleek look, they may be interested to check out the TBX3 – AZ 27.5” Mountain Bike which is equipped for trail riding. This bike is excellent for all types of rugged terrains, equipped with a short headtube and a low bottom bracket to keep a low centre of gravity to provide excellent handling. A larger wheel size offers improved performance and handling for the trail rider who loves a dependable bicycle for any type of terrain. It’s black sleek color is suited for anyone.

Bikes for Children and their Interests

For children, there are a few different options for the type of ride they are interested in. For instance, the TBX3 DOLLZ 20” Bicycle is a throwback to old BMX-style bikes, perfect for the child that likes to use their bikes to tackle rugged terrain and simply have fun. The TBX2 JENI Kids 24” Bicycle is fantastic for long bike rides with the family, and a great way to teach your child to use their bicycle for a health promoting, environmental friendly method of transportation.

Take advantage of these great deals with TBX3 to overhaul your family’s bicycles with some of the best deals you will find online for fitness equipment and sporting goods in Singapore. Promote cycling as a fantastic way to get fit and healthy and a way to make an important and meaningful contribution to our environment through reducing your carbon footprint through alternative transportation. Don't forget to get yourself some fitness supplements online from our Busybody as well!

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