Reach Your Fitness Goals at Home through has created partnerships with some of the most successful companies in fitness who have designed products to promote fitness at home

Reach Your Fitness Goals at Home through always considers every type of lifestyle when choosing the products we will offer our customers in Singapore that promote optimal health and wellness. With different lifestyles in mind, we are able to notice that not all people have the time or opportunities to get fit through regular visits to the gym. Thus, has created partnerships with some of the most successful companies in fitness who have designed fitness equipment and other fitness products to promote fitness activities at home, where you can achieve all you can at a gym in the comfort of your living room, basement, or wherever you have space and a flat surface.

Step Up Your Cardio Game

Cardio is one of the most important parts of a workout, promoting heart health and endurance as a necessary component to a healthy body. is offering the Adidas Skipping Rope Set with Case at an excellent price so that those with fitness goals can achieve an easy and fun cardio exercise through skipping. Used as a warmup, extended cardio activity, or endurance exercise, skipping for fitness incorporates all you learned while having fun and skipping in the school yard as one of the easiest ways to get your heart pumping and your breathing going.

Adidas Skipping Rope Set With Case

The Reebok Easy Tone Step is a product that will allow you keep that blood pumping and that breathing going by doing step aerobics right within your own home. Couple the Reebok Easy Tone Step with some great tunes and a step routine, and you will have one of the most effective cardio, leg and buttocks toning workouts right in your living room. People who use the Reebok Easy Tone Step see results in how they look and feel with regular use of the step when incorporated into a regular workout regimen.

Reebok Easy Tone Step

Body Toning at Home

For those who want to take toning to the next level, especially in the abdominal area, choose the AIBI Sit Up Bench (AB-B201). It is easily transportable and takes up little space and gives you the necessary gym equipment within your own home to tone your abdominal and leg muscles while being firmly supported by the AIBI Sit Up Bench’s quality material and construction.

AIBI Sit-Up Bench (AB-B201)

Consider bringing even more capacity for toning into your home gym by purchasing the York 20kg Weight Set. These weights are just light enough to be portable and small enough to be storable, yet are heavy enough to provide your arms, shoulders back and surrounding muscles an excellent way to get toned within your own home.

York 20KG Weight Set

Bring Health & Fitness To Your Home

Step out of your home every day feeling absolutely fantastic with an incredible sense of achievement every time you use the various products that are available through that contribute to your ultimate fitness. Every day, finds new and innovative products that are designed for use at home, in office, or at the gym to allow you to make your fitness accessible and effective. By taking advantage of some of the deals mentioned above, as well as the fitness equipment available on our site, you can make your vision for your fitness absolutely achievable by having your fitness equipment available right where you are.

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