Men Deserve Pampering Too

Treat your man to a selection of hygiene products for a little pampering of his own.

Men Deserve Pampering Too

In the last five years there has been a dramatic increase in the global male grooming market and the majority of that increase is found in Asia. It has been discovered that a lot of men actually spend an average 25 minutes on their grooming routine with many male-targetted beauty products in Singapore. Men want to look good too and they are willing to spend their money on their health and wellness on things like spa treatments and luxury skin products to have beautiful skin and well-groomed hands and feet. has partnered with Nuxe Paris, a leading high-end brand of skin-care products, to provide our male customers with luxury in a bottle.

Get the Best in Male Skin Care

Nuxe Paris is excited to offer their men’s skincare range to customers in Singapore. As a brand, Nuxe Paris excels at offering natural, high-performance cosmetics at a fair price. Some of the goods in the Nuxe Paris men’s line include their 24hr Protection Deodorant, Shaving Gel, After Shave Balm, and Shower Gel. Nuxe Paris is the epitome of luxury cosmetics, offering natural, high-performance goods at a fair price, providing Singaporeans access to some of the most exclusive products in the world for men's hygiene.

Protect Yourself, Feel Clean and Fresh

Up first is the Nuxe Men 24hr Protection Deodorant. This deodorant guarantees 24-hour odour protection. It does not contain alcohol or aluminium salts which may irritate the skin. Underarm skin is further calmed by the deodorant’s ingredients of sandalwood and phellodendron (a cork tree native to east and northeast Asia). Indeed, the focus on nature and natural products is at the root of all Nuxe Paris goods. In addition, the ingredients in the 24hr Protection Deodorant will not leave white marks on your clothing. Nuxe Paris prides itself on the sensory experience of it’s products and one of the best features of Nuxe Men 24hr Protection Deodorant, is it’s masculine, woody and spicy fragrance.


Shave In Style with Busybody

Within the Nuxe Paris men’s line, their thick and creamy Nuxe Men Shaving Gel, helps to promote a smooth and knick-free shaving experience. This shaving gel is good for all skin types, including sensitive skin, As with the Nuxe Men 24hr Protection Deodorant, the key fragrance note is Sandalwood, imparting a masculine, woody and spicy scent.

The Nuxe Men After Shave Balm is a delight to the senses. This balm will help cool and protect men’s skin after shaving. The Nuxe Paris After Shave balm contains soothing extracts of Oak and Hornbeam. These natural ingredients will help calm irritating razor burn. What’s more, this comforting facial balm dispenses long-lasting hydration (for up to 24 hours) and diminishes signs of tiredness and stress.


Shower Yourself into Good Skin

Finally, the Nuxe Men Shower Gel is a sumptuous, yet practical product, as it can be used in the shower to clean face, body and hair. Again, using the natural plant ingredients that Nuxe Paris is so well known for, this shower is gel is formulated to have a neutral pH, meaning that it is gentle on all skin types. As with the Shave Balm, the men’s shower gel contains extracts of Oak and Hornbeam, resulting in an invigorating shower experience.


How Can We Help You?

So men, besides loading up on bodybuilding supplements online in Singapore from our store, also take advantage of and our partnership with Nuxe Paris (and other various cosmetic and beauty companies) to find the best skin and beauty product deals available in Singapore. Our carefully selected products are designed with our customer needs and desires in mind. 

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