Head to Toe Guide to Men’s Fitness Fashion with Busybody.deals

This article features some of the fitness gear deals available for men in Singapore that helps take the pain out of shopping.

Head to Toe Guide to Men’s Fitness Fashion with Busybody.deals

We get it – some men don’t love shopping. If they do, they’re a rarity! Our beauty products online are very popular among women but we also want to allow men to find the best health supplements and fitness deals online for their goals and this is why Busybody.deals has partnered with some of the best providers of health and wellness products in Singapore to help take the pain out of shopping endlessly and looking for discounts. 

Here, we have assembled a sample of some of the things that Busybody.deals carries to show men what is possible when they take their shopping for fitness gear online.

Workout Shirts that Work for You


We offer a number of workout shirts that aim to keep the body dry and the skin protected against the toil that sweat can put on your body. While you scroll through the various pages of fitness gear, you may see brands such as Nike with their Pro Combat T-Shirt which is a fantastic option for a t-shirt that works for you while you are working out.

Watches with Fashion and Functionality

Casio G-Shock GPS Hybrid Wave Ceptor, Tough Solar, Sapphire Glass GravityMaster GPW-1000FC-1A9

Busybody.deals has some of the best watches to offer men who are interested in shopping for their fitness equipment online. A great example of a watch that we sell is the Casio G-Shock Fitness Hybrid Wave, which not only looks great, but has ultimate functionality with various functions to keep track of your workout, progress, and location with advanced GPS tools.

Protective Eye Wear

Sworke Carro Shiny Black Frame + Grey Lens HC

Sometimes the workout regimens of men can get rugged, and many will opt for protective gear for the eyes. Here is one option for the most durable protective gear: Sworke Carro glasses are known for their durability and as they advertise, they can take quite the beating before they will start to wear down. Recognize that your eyes are so important when taking on more extreme sports where dust or other contaminants could be a factor.

Shoes for All Places & Purposes

Nike Lunar Internationalist (Black/Blue)

Busybody.deals carries a number of options for shoes for men, to fit any destination, occasion, or workout need. For example, for those globetrotters among us, Nike offers their Lunar Internationalist shoe, which is perfect for kicking it at home, or for making one’s mark all over the world. It provides excellent support, great functionality, and is intended to be a suitable athletic shoe for most terrains and fitness activities.

Take the Pain out of Shopping

At Busybody.deals, we strive to make shopping easier for everyone to help them meet their health and wellness goals by giving them easy access to affordable, accessible and tried and tested fitness gear. By accessing the best deals online for fitness gear and fitness equipment in Singapore online, you place yourself ahead of the game when it comes to reaching your best you when you can be guaranteed to have the best products available to help you on your journey. 

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