Kick-Start New Year's Resolutions By Giving the Gift of Fitness

Help your loved ones ease into their New Year's Resolutions by giving them the gift of fitness through activities found at

Kick-Start New Year's Resolutions By Giving the Gift of Fitness

We all know that getting back to our fitness regimens can be difficult following the holiday season with the break of routine and the delicious edible splendors the holiday season can provide us. Why not help your loved ones ease into their New Year's Resolutions by giving them the gift of fitness through some of the most exciting and engaging fitness activities and fitness equipment Singapore has to offer online though

Ramp Up Your Cardio With Kickboxing

Kickboxing is a sport and fitness activity that has taken the world by storm. Not only does kickboxing promote a full body workout, it is also an excellent activity to promote cardio health and wellness. has partnered with one kickboxing organization in particular, Waco, to provide you with a host of kickboxing activities to choose from when giving kickboxing as a gift. Whether it is private kickboxing lessons, a series of group kickboxing classes, or kickboxing bootcamp, Waco offers several options for every lifestyle.

Get Fit While Having Fun

For those who like to disguise their fitness activities with fun, you may be interested in Bubble Soccer, which is increasing in popularity. Alternative activities offered through to promote fitness and fun at the same time include laser tag, sword tag, or archery tag. All these great forms of fitness are available for the taking at – not only do they promote physical fitness, but also provide an excellent social outlet for those who participate in these fun activities.

Achieve Balance With Yoga

For those who prefer a more relaxed approach to their fitness, Yoga may be your cup of tea. has partnered with a couple of Yoga providers, including Yoga In Sync, to allow you to chose from a variety of different formats and yoga practices, as well as fitness equipment when considering giving the gift of yoga to a loved one this holiday season. also carries Yoga mats as well as other fitness accessories like Reebok and other brands to meet all preferences.

Get Trained In Parkour

Since we like to be able to offer unique fitness deals, we are excited to be able to offer something really cool for those interested in using the environment, whether natural or built, for their fitness. A2Fitness is Singapore’s first parkour training academy, and they are offering Parkour Training Sessions to those interested in learning more about this form of fitness. Perhaps purchase a few sessions for multiple people, and you can learn Parkour together and take this on as your new way of having fun while getting fit.

Whatever the preferred fitness style, has such a variety of fitness activities and products that you’re guaranteed to find something for everyone. We all know that engaging in fitness activities is important, but the motivation to get into fitness isn’t always as easy to come by. Giving the gift of fitness through purchasing some of the unique deals on will not only help kickstart your loved one’s New Year with the promise of fitness, but it can also introduce them new kinds of fitness activities they haven’t tried before. is here to show you that fitness can be fun, and a gift worth giving this holiday season!