Bring Snacking to a New Level of Health with has partnered with some of the world’s leading providers of nutritional snacks to help build your health and wellness through snacking!

Bring Snacking to a New Level of Health with

We all love to snack, and all too often, it’s easy to reach for something unhealthy to feed our cravings, and we find ourselves eating empty calories with no nutritional value. has partnered with some of the world’s leading providers of nutritional snacks that not only help build your health and wellness through snacking, but also give you various options in accessing some of the best health supplements online to boost your well-being.

We are excited to share some of the following options which we urge you to try as you set yourself on a path towards healthier snacking:

Healthy Snacks Curated For You

Made Real Healthy Snack Boxes is a subscription service that allows you to snack according to your health goals. Made Real is all about finding the best wholesome foods that can serve as snacks that are good for your body and soul. They work with each subscriber to understand their health and wellness goals in order to curate a snack box of delicious options that all help you work towards your optimal health. is offering an exclusive offer to those who are interested in subscribing to Made Real and it can be found on our website.

Enjoy Juice & A Smoothie Bowl on the Go

Seed & Soil has been enjoyed by Singaporeans since 2015, and is inviting its customers to try some of the incredible juices and smoothie treats offered by this gem at a great rate. With your choice of juices, fruits, vegetables and other nutritious add-ons, you can find a healthy alternative to sugary sodas or juices while pleasing your taste buds. Your juices and smoothie bowl options are endless, and you can make any concoction to help you towards your health goals. Take advantage of Seed & Soil on the go on your way to healthier snacking.

Embrace Buckwheat and Chia Seeds

Everyone loves a good cookie – it can’t be denied that cookies are always a temptation! Snack on cookies that are actually good for you while giving you that sweet taste you’re looking for through BHP Buckwheat and Chia seed cookies, which are rich in dietary fibre, protein and Omega-3. The crunchy delicious taste will redefine what “goodies” means to you, proving that health and deliciousness can go hand in hand. You don’t need to get rid of that sweet tooth when you choose healthier options that work with your body and your digestive system. looks for ways to help Singaporeans work healthy living in their every day lives. Through these examples of products we have shown our customers, we hope that they are able to see that is a trusted partner in helping them get deals and access to the best deals on nutritional and health and wellness products that they’ll find in this region. Happy snacking!

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