Ear Candling by Vad Beauty Art

* Relieves sinus pressure and pain. Learn More

Eye Detox Treatment by Vad Beauty Art

*Effective in removing dark circle, puffy eye bag. Learn More

Spots Removal by Vad Beauty Art

* Prominent spots such as oil clog and milia seeds that appear on the skin can be banished. Learn More

SHR Super Hair Removal [hair removal] by...

- For ladies will be Brazilian or underarm Or - For guys will be Lip and chin or underarm * Painless & Effective * Safe & Fast * Price differs on scope of area Learn More

Body Shaping by Vad Beauty Art

* Weight loss through fat burning on body. Learn More

C Vital Facial [whitening] by Vad Beauty

* Exclusive C Vital Professional Anti-oxidizing and Revitalizing Program Learn More

OxyLife Facial [oxygen] by Vad Beauty Ar

* Increased plumpness, circulation, maximum hydration, and the infusion of active Learn More

IPL Facial [collagen treatment] by Vad B

* Improving skin texture through collagen stimulation and minimizes pore size. * Reduces oiliness on face. Learn More