IPL Facial [collagen treatment] by Vad B

* Improving skin texture through collagen stimulation and minimizes pore size. * Reduces oiliness on face. Learn More

Back Facial [face acne treatment] by Vad...

Suitable for acne-prone or clogged individuals on the back. Learn More

Scrubber Painless Treatment [purifying t...

* Extraction using machine. * No pain, no redness and no swelling. Learn More

Flora Aroma Face Therapy [Herb Facial] b...

A spa indulge for the face with choice of pure essential oil to cater for your skin needs each unique combination chosen to suit specific Learn More

Crystal Tip Treatment 1 Trial Session [m...

Clear blemishes from your skin painlessly. Learn More

Navel Candling by Vad Beauty Art

* Improves immune system & metabolism. Learn More